This is my Packing List

For an extended trip, backing minimally is key to minimizing your head(and back)aches. As I mention in my post about The Importance of Minimal Packing, making sure that you keep your backpack as light as possible is super important. Read on below to see the packing list that got my backpack under 15lb!

My packing list

Below is the packing list I used to get below 15lbs / 7 KG for my carry-on backpack. The list might seem like a lot, but it really packs down to nothing. Some of these items can get a bit pricey, but when you have only two shirts or one pair of pants in your bag, you want them to last. Keep the prices of quality products in mind when deciding how minimally you want to pack.

1 x Osprey Porter 46L Backpack

1 x Tortuga Packable Daypack

2 x Icebreaker Wool Short Sleeve Shirts

1 x Craghoppers Long Sleeve Shirt

1 x Uniqlo Puff Jacket

4 x Saxx Underwear (1 worn on plane)

1 x Lululemon Shorts

1 x Lululemon Swim Trunks

1 x Lululemon ABC Pants

2 x Darn Tough Short Socks (1 worn on the plane)

1 x Darn Tough Long Socks

1 x Scrubba Wash Bag

1 x Allbirds Wool Shoes (worn on plane)

1 x Cheap Sandals

1 x iPad Pro 12.9″ w/Keyboard and Pencil

1 x Fujifilm X-T20 w/Batteries & Charger

1 x Fuji 23mm f1.4 Prime Lens

1 x Rode Video Micro Microphone

1 x DJI Osmo Action w/Batteries & Charger

1 x Micro Tripod

1 x Power Strip

1 x Universal Travel Adapter

1 x Turkish Travel Towel

1 x Cord Management Organizer

1 x Power Bank

1 x Toiletry Bag

1 x Wahl Travel-Sized Trimmmer

1 x Sleep Mask

1 x Earplugs (6 in a pack)

1 x Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics

1 x Allergy Medication

1 x Pain Medication

1 x Anti-Diarrhea Medication

1 x Antibiotic Ointment

5 x Bandaids

8 x Hydration Salts

1 x Toothbrush

1 x Toothpaste

1 x Floss

1 x Deodorant

2 x Hair Gel (2 oz containers)

1 x Contact Case & Solution

2 x Extra Contact Lenses (6 per box)

1 x Glasses

1 x Nail Clippers

1 x Sawyer Water Bottle & Filter

1 x Copies of Important Documents

8 x Zip Ties

1 x Chromecast

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