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Loan Parrot Case Study

New Beginnings

This is the process on how I came up with the logo design for a financial resource website called Loan Parrot. There were several unique possibilities that could have been the final product. Check ’em out below!

Behind Loan Parrot

The client came to me with a logo design idea in place for a website. She wanted to create an online resource that allowed users to submit the terms of their loan and get crowdsourced feedback. The website was already being created, so a logo was needed rather quickly to meet a quick deadline. That’s where I came in.

What I did for loan parrot

Logo Design

The client wanted her website to be, “The TripAdvisor of loans,” so the logo design needed to match that memorability. She already had the brand colors set in stone, so that put some boundaries on the logo creation process. After a quick, in-person sketching session, three logo concepts were chosen to digitize.

Logo Design Initial Ideas

Since all of the logos had to have some form of a parrot in them, I started thinking of ideas on how to incorporate loans or crowdsourced approval into the logo.

This first idea turns the parrot into a checkmark, since the website would offer feedback on terms of your loan. Different designs were offered based on the color schemes of different species of parrot.

Loan Parrot Logo Idea 1

The second logo design idea involved abstract quotation marks to form the body of the parrot. By keeping the tails of the quotation marks straight, the layered shapes would also create the shape of the letter P. Again, different color variations were offered based on different types of parrot species.

Loan Parrot Logo Idea 2

The final idea presented took the abstract quotes idea even further. I wanted to present something that looked a bit cuter, since I was thinking a bit of Duolingo’s new redesign. Having a cute logo can help increase memorability, so I decided to try the application here. In this concept, the shape of the quotation marks are more apparent, though it loses the implied P shape from Concept 2.

Loan Parrot Logo Idea 3

Choosing a Typeface

Design 2, option 2 was chosen without edits, so we moved on to the next step: Picking a font. This step was rather easy, since I knew exactly what would pair well with this logo type. Since it was a mix of round shapes with straight, angular edges, a sans-serif would be necessary. In order to keep the logo from feeling like it was shouting, I kept the name in regular case.

Gil Sans - Loan Parrot Logo Design

To match the light-hearted, cartoony feel of the logomark, I chose Gira Sans. It has short capital letters, which decreases the implied formality, and has the right blend of roundness and sharp edges to match the logomark. Plus, it’s a Google Font, so her developers could match the brand identity across the website. The next step is coming up with the proper balance between the logomark and the brand name.

Final Logo Design

I switched to B&W to kill two birds with one stone (pun intended). I normally provide a B&W option at the end of the project so the client won’t have to worry about what the logo will look like in a grayscale environment. It also allowed me to focus on the balance of the wordmark without thinking about text color. Stacked and horizontal alternatives were created to account for every use-case. Then, came the final step: the full-color logo design.

Loan Parrot Final Logo Black and White

A wordmark that utilized two complementary colors worked the best when combined with the full-color parrot. Pulling the dark blue of the wing for the word, “Loan,” balanced well with the light blue for, “Parrot,” from its belly. When combined, the parrot and wordmark create a professional, yet fun logo that’s instantly memorable with Loan Parrot’s target audience.

Loan Parrot Final Logo Full Color

That’s the logo design creation process for Loan Parrot! It was an absolute blast and I’m incredibly happy with the results. You can check out the Loan Parrot website below. Also, feel free to check out more case studies below!

CHECK OUT loan parrot!


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