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This is my Web Design portfolio! I’m a UI / UX Designer who loves using tasteful colors, beautiful visuals, minimalist principles, and a cheeky personality to create dope solutions.

What I do

While I wear many hats, (especially while managing Andrew Uncharted) these are the skills I specialize in. Are you in need of any of these design, social media, or branding services? Drop me a line below!

Creative Direction

I love helping create a visual theme and applying it to your project to give it a sense of visual cohesion and bring it to life.

UI / UX Design

Any type of web project needs to look great across all devices, without exception. Creating unified experiences is my jam.

Logo Creation

Your logo is the first thing your customers will see and the last thing they’ll remember. I can help make that memory a pleasant one.

Email Design

Sending beautiful emails will make sure users love when your content hits their inbox. Getting that open / click ratio will be a breeze.


Wordpress is one of the most used platforms on the internet. I can help you get set up with a beautiful website, no sweat.

Social Media Marketing

Proper social media execution is crucial for growing your company’s audience. Just talk to your audience like they’re real people!

Andrew Uncharted Web Design Case Study

Featured Case Study

Andrew Uncharted

(Some of) What I do for Andrew Uncharted

Creative Direction | Branding | Web Design | Social Media Management

Is it weird for this website to be a part of the featured case study? Andrew Uncharted is the biggest project I’ve worked on, taking up the past 2 years of my life. From Responsive Web Design to Social Media Management, I’ve had to learn a lot while building this Digital Nomad / Web Design / Travel brand. Click the button below to read more!


Case studies are in-depth looks at projects I’ve worked on. From conception and iteration, to the final product, you can see my entire process. Click the image to check read more about each project!

Wick App UI Design Case Study
Daily Adrenaline Design Portfolio Case Study
Synkopy Seven Logo Design Portfolio


I’ve been working on a UI Design Challenge on Dribbble to keep my design skills sharp. I give myself a 2 hour time limit to conceptualize a UI element. Below are some examples of what I’ve come up with. I do a few of these a week, so keep checking back!

Work with Andrew Uncharted - Web Design Portfolio


If you like what I'm putting down, and want to work together, drop a line below! Let's make something awesome.

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