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This creative direction case study will give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at how I helped establish the brand identity of a South Floridian, Extreme-Sport-Based nonprofit called Daily Adrenaline. From Brand Creation to Event Design, I had to wear a lot of hats during my time with DA. Read on to find out more!

Behind Daily Adrenaline

Daily Adrenaline is a nonprofit organization created by 3 friends in order to share, promote, and celebrate the culture and community of extreme sports. One of the biggest aspects of creative direction for DA was figuring out the best way to grow our audience. We settled on a 3-pronged effort to do so:

Hosting Events

What better way to bring people within a sporting community together than host an event? These were primarily competitions, where entrants would be divided into sections based on their respective skill levels. Prizes, from skateboard decks to Daily Adrenaline shirts (donated from local shops or printed ourselves) would be awarded to the top contestants.


Daily Adrenaline partners with like-minded companies, from local skate shops to shark repellant manufacturers, to try to create an interconnected community. This is where a majority of sponsorships for events come from.

featured users

A large part of the DA audience interacts via social media, specifically Instagram. Because of the large following, we offer to feature users who submit their photos via the Daily Adrenaline website. This increases interactions and develops relationships with the user base. If someone is particularly engaged, DA offers to sponsor them, sending apparel for them to wear when engaging in their particular activity.

What I did for daily adrenaline

Creative Direction | Product Design | Event Design

Creative Direction

The logo for the nonprofit needed to be instantly recognizable, unique, and simple. Easy enough for anyone to remember and associate with the brand, but also different enough to catch a new viewer’s attention. The inner sections of the “D” and the “A” were used as an inverse to the letter, giving a different look while still being recognizable as those letters. Bright blue and white were chosen as the primary colors because of their representations of the elements present in extreme sports: sky, water, snow.

Ensuring that the brand identity stayed consistent across all properties was one of my primary tasks. The electric blue color present in the logo became Daily Adrenaline’s calling card, from T-Shirts to the website.

The electric blue goes really well with Florida-based imagery

Product Design

In order to be fully inclusive, shirts were created for almost every style of extreme sport. The preferred type of product design were ones based on activities local to South Florida like scuba diving, spear fishing, surfing. These shirts were then given out to the various Daily Adrenaline sponsored athletes as well as prize packages in our events / competitions.

Event Design

We raised awareness for Daily Adrenaline by participating in community events whenever possible. From throwing a yearly skateboarding competition to co-sponsoring beach cleanups, we made ourselves a staple of the South Florida extreme sports community.

Being involved in such events meant that we needed to have Daily Adrenaline physically visible whenever possible in order to raise brand awareness. I was in charge of designing the physical collateral for these events. Business cards, koozies, flags, and banners were all created in order to make Daily Adrenaline stand out in the participants’ memories.

These are some of the roles I used in helping to create an extreme nonprofit, Daily Adrenaline from the ground up. It was an excellent way to give back to the community that I enjoyed when I was younger and it was an excellent exercise in soup-to-nuts design.  Cheers!


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