5 Oregon Coffee Stops

To Get Your Java Kick
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If you know anything about me, you know I’m always partial to a coffee (specifically a cold brew). We visited a few coffee & breakfast spots during our roadtrip through Oregon, and I’ve listed out five of ’em for you to visit.

1) Dutch Bros

To those of you who exist in the Northwest, this might elicit an eye-roll. But for a Florida-boy like myself, I had to experience a Dutch Bros coffee, even if at least person compared it to McDonalds. I do get the fast-food comparison though, because they’re literally everywhere. Seriously, Dutch Bros is like Starbucks’ Chocolate Milk-ier, Pacific offspring.

My Dutch Bros Chocolate Milk

Now, like I mentioned before, my go-to drink is a cold-brew with almond milk and a little bit of caramel. Flavorful and smooth, but not crazy sugary, you know? Well, at Dutch Bros, most of their coffees are full of syrup and sugar. That means they’re insanely sweet. I got the Iced Double Chocolate Mocha and it was essentially chocolate milk. I say that because, in parenthesis next to the coffee’s name, it said, “Chocolate Milk.” It was delicious, obviously, but had way too much sugar for my taste.

The inside of the Dutch Bros I visited was pretty small and had a drive-thru. It wasn’t crazy-busy when we went, but such a small dining area would get packed really quick. One protip for you, tell them it’s your first time before you order. They’ll give you your order for free! Complimentary java was a great way to start our trip to Portland and beyond.

2) The Arrow Coffeehouse

Another solid Oregon coffee stop is The Arrow Coffeehouse. There are only two Arrow locations in Oregon, one in Portland and one in Damascus. Now, just because there are only two locations doesn’t mean the coffee isn’t as good. Far from it, I ordered an iced macadamia nut cold brew with a splash of almond milk and man it was refreshing.

The Arrow Coffeehouse

My trip to Kauai, specifically to Java Kai, turned me on to macadamia nut flavored coffee and Arrow Coffeehouse did not disappoint. my drink was perfectly smooth, not too sweet, and had that deliciously nutty taste. It really makes me sad that I haven’t found a place in South Florida that makes macadamia nut cold brew. If you happen to know of anywhere that offers this treat, drop a comment at the bottom of this post and I’ll love you for two eternities.

3) Cafe Sintra

Cafe Sintra is a Mediterranean style restaurant located in downtown Bend that offers everything from prawn eggs benedict to grilled salmon with chimichurri sauce. Is your mouth watering? Mine sure is. The inside of the restaurant is hip, with brick walls, a skylight that allows diffused sunlight into the restaurant, hanging light fixtures, and chalkboards along the walls for the menu. It wasn’t terribly busy when we went (around 2 in the afternoon), but Sintra does family-style meals so it can pack up quickly. They offer reservations, so you can call ahead and save a spot for your party if that suits your fancy.

Cafe Sintra and the biggest oatmeal I’ve ever seen

Looking back, I’m a bit bummed that I decided to be sort of boring when I visited Sintra Cafe. I ordered what had to be a world-record size bowl of oatmeal and my usual cold brew with a bit of almond milk and a pump of caramel flavoring. They nailed the perfect coffee / almond milk / flavoring ratio, so my cold brew was just how I like it. The oatmeal, however, was insane. If you look at the photo above, I put my coffee next to it for scale and it’s huge. I was starving when I walked into Cafe Sintra, but I was full after a little more than half of that bowl. Needless to say, I was full for a very long time. Give Sintra a look if you mosey on through Bend during your Oregon trip!

4) Manzanita Coffee Co.

Manzanita Coffee Co. is a tiny little coffee shop that’s in the quiet town of, you guessed it, Mazanita. The quaint town is next to the stunning Neahkahnie Beach and a bunch of Oregon Coast hikes. Better still, this little coffee shop is literally 200 meters from the coast! That means you can snag your brew and meander to see views like this:

Manzanita coffee’s mocha and the views from the beach

Gorgeous right? Well, luckily for you, the coffee is just as good as the view. We got both their regular and mexican hot mochas and the cups of joe were perfect for that chilly morning! While they normally would be a bit too sweet for my taste, I found the chocolatey goodness to be just what I needed after several days of long hikes.

5) Top Dog Coffee

I saved my favorite coffee & breakfast shop, Top Dog Coffee, for last. No, it’s not my favorite because it has a dog in the logo. Well, not entirely anyway. you can find Top Dog in North Bend, just look for the giant sign with the black lab. You’ll find that the Top Dog dining area is super spacious, with one or two pop-up shops in the corners. You’ll most likely be immediately greeted by the warm and hilarious staff. They’re super helpful and will assist you in finding your perfect cup of joe.

Top Dog coffee’s awesome

Top Dog’s motto is, “Because life is too short for bad coffee.” I agree with them wholeheartedly, and their coffee matches their mission statement. My entire group snagged a hot mocha to go with our breakfast sandwiches, and I can attest that their coffee matches their mission statement. The mocha was silky smooth without being overpoweringly sweet. On top of that, their make-your-own breakfast sandwiches were phenomenal too. As an added bonus, the staff is super friendly and will chat you up during your stay. If you’re in North Bend, you have to check out Top Dog, and be sure to give them a Google review too!

You’re All Java’d Up Now!

Are you as big of a coffee-fan as I am? If I don’t start my day off with one, I’m a nightmare to deal with. That’s why we made it a point to check out as many as possible during our road-trip through Oregon. What’d you think? Comment below and let me know! If you like the content I’m putting out, subscribe to my email newsletter!

Until next time!